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Communication that Matters

We believe in communication with purpose – to help people find quality of life, improve relationships, to bring people closer together, to create bridges, and to unite us all through words that matter. 

Speed & Acuracy

Over 14 years of experience

Better Collaboration

Unlocking Global Conversations:

At Words for Humankind, we don't just translate - we unlock global conversations. Your message deserves to be heard worldwide, and we make it happen seamlessly.


What We Offer

As a premier communication agency and consulting business, we specialize in designing, developing, and delivering top-notch communication products that cater to individuals, businesses, and corporations worldwide.

Translation Services

Translation & Localization:

Break language barriers effortlessly with our expert translation and localization services.

Localization Services Orlando

Proofreading & Editing:

Elevate your content to perfection with our meticulous proofreading and editing expertise.

Florida Interpreter Services

Interpreting Services:

Seamlessly communicate across languages with our simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, including specialized areas like medical and legal interpreting.


Recording and Production:

Immerse your audience with captivating voiceovers, music production, and creative copywriting that leaves a lasting impression.

Beyond Boundaries, Beyond Words:

Explore limitless possibilities with Words for Humankind. Our communication solutions go beyond boundaries, beyond words, creating impactful connections that resonate.

Content Creation

Instructional Design

Interpreting Services

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Our diverse clientele includes export/import companies, multinationals, local industries, language schools, publishers, entertainment, judicial systems, medical and  more. We cater to a broad spectrum of segments requiring multilingual communication, showcasing our adaptability and expertise.

"Paulo is an outstanding professional. He excels at their work and goes above and beyond the call of duty, always exceeding expectations concerning deadlines. I highly recommend him as a translator." 

Marilda Peele,
NMB Director of Industry Relations

"Paulo was kind enough to help me out when I needed someone to help with translation of training materials from English to Portuguese. He was very thorough and quick to return the completed work. I definitely recommend him for this type of work." 

Julie Dietrich, Learning Manager, Wyndham Destinations

"Paulo is an articulate professional. He brought creativity, patience and drive to his team. I really appreciated Paulo's ability to keep everything in pace while staying dedicated to continual improvement. Immensely dedicated to everything he does."  

Joan Riemer, L&OD Executive & Strategist

Discover the difference Words for Humankind makes - where quality meets purpose, and every word matters.


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